As dancers we’re always on the hunt for new special moments with music, dances, encounters, etc
– so that’s what we’re here to invite you!
Today very proudly we present

Alegria Biodanza Festivals

Wake up people and dance!
Awakening Passion for Life!
You do not have to follow
certain steps: just take your
shoes off and dance!
No steps to learn,
just be happy,
be grateful,
be inspired and celebrate.

Alegria Biodanza Festival 2009

Alegria Biodanza Festival 2009 in Proitze

Feel the Love

Loving is a very real thing, an essential human quality, a necessity, a priority.
Love connects us and heal, Love creates bonds and celebrate beauty.
Loving honors the deepest core essence that we all are, when Love enters the dance floor as you then there is no need for lighting to brighten up the place.
You all are light; we all are, dancing beauty rays.
Tonight is an invitation to come brighten up your life and share in this radiance with others, so together we make a really shiny Dance Fiesta.